Thursday, January 7, 2010

What to wash a dog with when you dont have any dog soap?

Does it really need washed, usually a dailly brush is enough. If the dog is really dirty, I would mix a little human shampoo with warm water and sponge the dog down. That should be enough until you get proper dog shampoo. Human shampoos are too strong for dogs and strip the natural oils from their coats.What to wash a dog with when you dont have any dog soap?
Never use human shampoo, dish detergent or hand soap. All of them have far too many surfactants in them and will dry out your dog's skin. Dogs don't produce oil in the same way as humans, and the detergents in all of those WILL seriously dry out your dog's skin.

If you absolutely must wash your dog and don't have any dog shampoo, you can use a tiny bit of oatmeal. Yes, oatmeal. Make some oatmeal, cool it down and use it like shampoo. Rinse it well. REALLY WELL.

Otherwise, just a good brush will go a LONG way towards making a dog look, feel and smell better.What to wash a dog with when you dont have any dog soap?
Go buy some or wait. Human shampoo is harmful to the delicate balance of a dog's skin.

See below excerpt from the provided link:

Shampoo. Use a shampoo formulated for dogs, and one that is gentle and will not strip the natural oils of the dog?s coat. Do not use human shampoo, which is not the right pH for doggie fur and skin. Read the directions, and be aware that some shampoos and soaps are not appropriate for all ages or types of dogs. Oatmeal shampoos are good for dogs with itchy skin. Many people use dog shampoos containing chlorhexidine, which has anti-bacterial qualities. Avoid shampoos with insecticides, since the chemicals can be harsh. If your dog has fleas, use a gentle shampoo containing pyrethrin, pyrethrum or citrus oil.
NEVER EVER wash your dog with anything but dog shampoo. Dogs have different oils in their fur and if washed with people shampoo it takes to much of that oil away and can cause skin issues. Just goto the store and get some it is only a couple of bucks and way healthier for your dog. NEVER EVER USE DISH soap as said above! I can not believe some of these answers!
I don't have any dog soap, however I have shampoo. My dog gets absolutely fithy when I take her out. Nevertheless, I don't use soap or shampoo. I simply clean her with warm water and dry her with a towel.

Soap and shampoo dries out their coats, consequently I hardly ever bath her. She looks clean, smells clean and my house does not smell of dogs.
I usually wash my dog with Johnson's baby shampoo when we run out of dog soap. It is really gentle on the skin, and it is dermatologist tested. It is hypoallergenic and has no soap in it. I like it because if you got it in the dogs eye by accident it wouldn't hurt that much because it is the no tears kind.
well you could always just use water? or normal hand washing soap?

When i were a kid me mam used to dump some washing up liquid on me hair if we ran out..never did me no harm so you could try that?

Or if possible a baby shampoo such as jonsons. Thats always good to use.
Please don't use human shampoo it can be very irritating to a dogs skin. Plus if your dog decides to lick itself after it could consume the chemicals from the shampoo. Please go to the pet store and buy the appropriate shampoo.
Use ONLY a little bit of your shampoo and conditioner.

Buy Oatmeal shampoo and conditioner for dogs.

A milkbath at petco costs approx $40.00, this is the type of product they use for this application.
I wouls say either baby shampoo or Dawn. Dawn is very gentle and they use it sometimes on the ducks and birds that have oil on them. I know you have seen that commercial.
I wash my Great Dane with an oatmeal soap. It is really good for his skin. Personal choice. Stay away from soaps with perfume. Those can irritate dogs skin.
Use baby shampoo or regular or regular shampoo or if you have baby wipes they work great also
tear free shampoo or any baby shampoo. depending on the breed and length of the dog's coat, regular shampoos and shampoo/conditioner combos can make their skin very dry.
When I dont have pet shampoo I use a saloon bought shampoo on my dogs and they love it! So do I they smell good, and it doens't make them itch.
Don't use Axe body wash unless you want every b!tch in the neighborhood in your yard!
I use Johnsons baby shampoo because it doesn't hurt if it gets in their eyes!!
johnson johnson baby shampoo and if u want ur dog to have a shiny coat feed him an egg every month
Go to the store and buy some. :]
baby shampoo.
well i'm basically a really nerdy person and my dog is more like a human than an animal i never use dog shampoo on him. i always use whatever shampoo or even body wash is in the shower at the time when i give him a bath. i think the only real difference between ';dog shampoo'; and ';human shampoo'; is most of the time the dog variety usually has some kind of flea and tick repellent. if your dog is like mine and doesn't stay outside than that wouldn't even really be an issue. if it is, get k9 advantix or whatever that junk is =]
i had this problem once i checked it out. you should just use regular shampoo or hand soap as long as you know it doesnt make your skin dry it is ok for your dog!
mix 50% water 50% dawn dish soap its good for fleas but dont use for a long period it will dry your dogs skin
I tired Herbal Essences one time, but my dog started humping my leg...
any normal shampoo, my friend uses head and shoulders on her pionter :D
soap or normal shampoop

bar soap that you would use on yourself
i use dishsoap and it seems 2 work. Dawn works best 4 me!
normal shampoo.
shampoo from ur shower


  1. I'm sorry, but you are incorrect about dish soap. I am a veterinarian and yes you can use dish soap, but it is best to use DAWN, and this is not to be used as a regular shampoo. Only as a temporary substitute if need be.

  2. I only have dawn hand soap. Is the hand soap one okay for me to use on my poodles who desperately need a bath?

  3. OMG!!! Thanks this helped me ALOT!!

  4. My friend think the yellow dial would help hot spits or skin abrasion s heal quicker..any info on that?


  5. This is a great idea. we have 4 dogs, one whom loves to dig in dirt, roll in leaves.. shes always a mess. now it’ll be easier to give her baths. lol

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  6. My pittbull has never had fleas or ticks . Until last year and this year looks like it's the same . I've honestly tried it all and nothing works . He just keeps being over ran with fleas. He has lit tile sores were they bite him . I'm always trying to help him with them .
    Please any help???

  7. Can use car wash soap to wash my dog

  8. I love the idea of making my own dog shampoo, the only issue is I hate the smell of coconut and my husband hates the smell of rosemary (go figure!) What’s the scent of the shampoo

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